Pixar Hosts Pre-screening of The Good Dinosaur to Benefit BayKids

Fantastic evening at Pixar Animation Studios!

Our packed house full of BayKids kids and supporters enjoyed the evening from beginning to end – great food and wine, a tour of Pixar, a silent auction that included all sorts of Pixar goodies, and an advance viewing of the spectacularly beautiful The Good Dinosaur. An extra treat was a Q&A with some of the filmmakers, who gave all an inside look at what went into making the film.

Once again, Rej Bourdages and Kevin O’Hara were BayKids superheroes for the eve and lovely Mailyna shared her joy and appreciation for BayKids. Great job moderating the Q&A Hooman Khalili! BayKids Studios is so proud of our partnership with Pixar!

LucasFilm, What a Dream!

BayKids Studio’s 12th annual Premiere was held at Lucasfilm and there was nothing but magic in the air.

What made the red carpet event so special? Our courageous BayKids stars and their inspirational films, Lucas’s stunning theatre, celebrated story artist Rej Bourdages’ talk about the power of story, and children’s author/Illustrator Elisa Kleven’s touching tribute to one of our stars.

Huge thanks to Lucasfilm, SenSpa, St Clair’s Catering, Rej Bourdages, Elisa Kleven, Alison Fisker, Safeway Foundation, Belle by Marine, Maria Lee Make-up and Hair, Maria McCandess, and Liz Fanlo…for making this an exceptional event.

Dolby Cares A LOT!

It was an honor for BayKids to have 40 dynamic Dolby employees, led by Chief Marketing Officer Bob Borchers, roll up their sleeves to work on some of our projects – design, marketing, social media, editing, strategy, and many others. Big thanks to all the superheroes who made this fun and valuable day happen: Film Advisor Greg Ammen, Joan Scott, Joy Nestor, Jo-Ann Dornenburg and the whole Dolby crew of volunteers. What a talented and dedicated group.

Apple Hosts “BayKids Day at Apple”

Thank you Apple! Our BayKids stars were inspired and can’t wait to use all they learned from you to help with their filmmaking.
Special thanks to Luke, Steve, Joe and John for their engaging presentations. More big huge thanks to Luke, Joanne, Michael and Doug for their VIP treatment of Danica and her family during their exclusive BayKids film shoot at Apple.
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