BayKids Studios Annual Film Festival


Prepare to be entertained by superheroes at the 11th Annual BayKids Studios Premiere Film Festival. Free and life-affirming, youth directed BayKids films featuring real stories of battling illness and made up stories to celebrate the creative spirit in all of us. Watch, get inspired and enjoy. Facebook invitation

BayKids Studios Film Festival @ the de Young

05/17/2014 (01:00 pm)


de Young Museum, Koret Auditorium

Admission is free for the event. To attend the museum in addition to the event, museum tickets can be purchased directly from the de Young.

Reminiscing about the 2013 Premiere? Enjoy Video and photos from last year and see you on May 17th!


Was it a Dream or Did it Really Happen?!!

The conversation on the way home was outstanding. We couldn’t stop talking about everything we learned and got to see.

- BayKids family member

BayKids in Motion Mentoring Program launched on March 9th to help our young stars continue to learn, be inspired, and express themselves creatively beyond the hospital.

It was an amazing event! The day featured story artist Rej Bourdage and animator Kevin O’Hara, two industry superstars who have worked on dozens of cool animated movies with most of the big studios (Pixar, Dreamworks, Aardman, Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony). They spoke to fifty enthusiastic BayKids participants (BayKids filmmakers and their families) about story, storyboarding, and animation, and gave the group fascinating insights into how animated films are made. They also gave great advice to the kids to help them with their own moviemaking.

Rej and Kevin loom large with their big hearts and passion for making movies. They elevated our BayKids stars by treating them as fellow filmmakers. The children, and their parents, soaked up Rej and Kevin’s creative inspiration and had an exciting and memorable afternoon.

Safeway catered the event with great food and drinks. And everyone loved that the event was hosted at LucasFilm!

BayKids is thrilled that the BayKids in Motion Mentoring Program is helping our kids and their families. Big thanks to Lynda Benoit and LucasFilm, Rej Bourdage and Kevin O’Hara, Keith Turner and Safeway, and Baykids board member Deborah Huber.

All BayKids filmmakers are invited to future BayKids in Motion events. Next up: the BayKids Film Premiere on May 17th @1pm at the de Young Museum. Don’t miss it!