It’s empowering to say, “I don’t have time to worry about cancer right now. I have to work on this movie.”

– Luis Saravia, BayKids Filmmaker, “Lyrics Rising”



As I sat watching our son’s movie, I cried. You helped us through some long months. Our son loved BayKids.

– Pricilla Moore, mother

You all are such a gift to these sick children.  They are so lucky to have an organization like BayKids to keep their spirits up during their hospital stays. We will be forever grateful to BayKids for giving Kenna the voice to tell her story.

– Kelly Stuck, mother

We are so grateful for the fun BayKids brought during the long haul at the hospital. I hope you are praised by many for the joy you bring to the kids. These are truly difficult times for families, so special memories make the time spent more bearable.

– Pam Jacobson, mother

It’s amazing what you guys do…thank you for letting my kids be a part of your program.

– Candice Dial, mother

BayKids was a magical experience. You helped make four agonizing hours waiting for my daughter’s surgery go like magic. Saying thank you seems not enough, but from the bottom of our heart we thank you, BayKids.”

– The Robles Family

Thank you so much for yesterday’s BayKids Film Premiere at the deYoung. It was an amazing day. It will be forever an amazing memory for all of us.

– Kelly Stuck, mother

I want to personally thank you for taking the time with my child…he will never forget his time with BayKids and how it helped him cope with his hospitalization.

– Ginger Jones, mother

The Bay Kids program has enabled Al-Walid to feel self-confident, creative, intelligent, and very, very capable once more. Al-Walid and I are grateful for all the work that went into the very successful realization of Bay Kids Moviemakers 2009.

– Khadijah Farahbahksh, mother

Jullian loves his movie … and he thinks he’s famous! Thank you so much. Making a movie was definitely the highlight of his hospital stay.

– Cori Martinez, mother

Making movies takes the dread out of being at the hospital…Noah actually gets excited to be admitted now because there is always some great, fun thing to do with BayKids!

– Kelly Gonzales, mother

Wow! Thank you for your time and creativity. Chase really enjoyed showing off his talents. It was a good way to distract him from his health condition. What a great program and opportunity!

– Angie Nilsen, mother

Al-Walid and I are wildly delighted and yet humbled by this wonderful opportunity that enabled him to learn how to make a movie in the BayKids MovieMakers Program. Thank you so very, very much. Al-Walid is more joyful about this singular accomplishment than he has ever been about any other in his life.

–  Khadijah Farahbahksh, mother


Hospital Staff

I will do whatever I can to support BayKids.  Thanks for all you do to support the health of children.

– Bert Lubin, CEO Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland

The term “magic” is loosely thrown around, but if you see these kids in the process of making their movies, you will see that it’s true magic; that it’s transformative. They step outside of their illness and their daily routine. When they become a movie director, a movie star, it can change their mood, their attitude, their affect. It can really make their day, which is extremely important in the hospital.

– Dr. Marsha Lee, UCSF Physician

Aside from all the positive gains from the movie making process itself, once the movie is made, the movies can be seen by other children and by parents whose children may also be going through something similar. And it’s also a way that our pediatric patients can show the world their vision.

– Dr. Marsha Lee, UCSF Physician

 We’re lucky we have BayKids two days a week. We’d love to have them five a week, or seven days a week!

– Maggie Greenblatt, Children’s Hospital Oakland School Program Teacher

 I’ve had many families express to me (after working with BayKids) how wonderful it was to see their child get out of bed and smile again. You have to see the power of the program to believe it. I’ve seen it, which is why I know how wonderful it is.

– Julie Pollman, UCSF Children’s Hospital School Program Teacher

 BayKids has such a huge and important role in a hospital setting. The program is very therapeutic and empowering.

– Maggie Greenblatt, Children’s Hospital Oakland School Program Teacher

 BayKids has a great future. Once other hospitals find out about what BayKids is doing here, they’ll want them in their hospitals too.

– Dr. Andrew Maxwell, Heart of the Valley Cardiology



Sometimes when you’re in the hospital, it’s really boring. But when you lie in your hospital bed and think, “I could make a movie,” you get very excited!

– Katy Potts, BayKids Filmmaker

 Baykids is trying to create a positive outlook towards things, so even if you’re sick it doesn’t mean you have to just sit there and take it. You can get up and do something and tell people your story. Other people can look and say, “Oh wow, he’s going through this or she’s going through that, but look, he’s pulling through.

– Luis Saravia, BayKids Filmmaker, “Lyrics Rising”

I think it’s a great thing that Baykids shows these movies to everyone. It shows the empowerment that movie making brings to someone going through such a crisis, and it helps others know that they’re not the only ones going through this.

– Luis Saravia, BayKids Filmmaker, “Lyrics Rising”

 On good days, I watch my movie and say to myself…Wow, look at what I got through. Creating this movie has provided a huge motivation and distraction from some difficult times. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

– Sarah Fagan, BayKids Filmmaker

When you’re in a BayKids movie, it requires teamwork. And part of being a teammate is being good friends with everybody on the set and helping everybody. Sometimes the movies can be funny, sometimes they can be serious, sometimes kids just want to say what’s on their mind and share it with the world.

– Katy Potts, BayKids Filmmaker

 What’s fun about making movies is that you’re creating them in your own way. Anything you want to have in your movie can be in your movie!

– Asanti Scott, BayKids Filmmaker, Director of “Into the Wilderness”

 It’s fun making up your own movies. The movie I did was for teenagers. It interviewed teenagers and was the host of my show. It was fun. I would recommend moviemaking to other kids.

– Charmaine Washington, Director of ” Bugs No More”

 The kids at school, my family, and maybe some of the kids in the hospital could see my movie and it could make them feel better, or not so scared.”

– Dominic Petuya, BayKids Filmmaker



BayKids is an amazing organization. An internship at BayKids is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of such a reputable organization that touches so many lives. BayKids will always be very close to my heart.

– Natalie Wayt, SFSU Intern

Nothing compares to the experience of meeting the BayKids kids whose stories I get to tell through editing!

– Alex Davis-Floyd, SFSU Intern



BayKids’ work is so important. We need to expose our students to the many benefits these films provide for patients and families.

– Susan Marchant, Adjunct Professor, Mills College